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Gambling,stylishly called”gaming” according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is”when people risk money or possessions on the result of something which is not certain,such as card game or a horse race”. Also,the Encyclopedic Edition of The New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary of English Language says”To play a game for money,to take risks in the hope of  getting better results than by some safer means or to stake one’s money or hopes….”
Silver Leigh defines gambling as a scheme to escape labour but in reality,gambling is an evil  spirit that kills and destroys.”


Gambling has reached an alarming rate all over the world.It has caused a lot of woes to individuals,homes, and a large percentage of the youths.In Massachusetts,about 47% of the 7th graders and 3/4 of high school Seniors,have played the lottery.A Louisiana State University shows that Louisiana youngsters in juvenile detentions are roughly four times as likely to have a serious gambling  problem as their peers.2/2 of  the hardcore gamblers in detentions admitted stealing specifically to finance gambling.”Even where rules forbid gambling in schools, studies indicate as many as 8% of Teens are already hooked on gambling”. Betting also threatens the integrity of the Collegiate athletics. A national study by the University of Michigan  found 45% of male College football and basketball players admit to gambling on sports, despite rules explicitly prohibiting such acts”.

In Nigeria,there is no reliable or accurate data to the percentage  of gamblers but what can be established is that as late as 1960s, pools staking and Casino game otherwise known as “kalokalo”( derived  from the way the casino machine swallows the inserted coin have  been with us. The pools staking though fading away, yet pockets of adherents still patronise the hide and seek game of chance!

However, the one in vogue now is the ”Baba Ijebu”(name derived probably from the  patron’s home town), the mind -set is given as games of probability which most of  the time may end  in pains, sorrow and blood! Researches indicate that from every part of Nigeria,Lagos, Abuja, Enugu,Ijebu, Abeokuta and Kano to mention few, rate of gambling has doubled in recent times. There is also the betting on sports which is not only among the working class or sports fans but also among  the artisans and elites.Some people posited that unemployment or economic doldrums or frustration made and still making a lot pf people to go into gambling in order to make quick money. But the question is ,are they really making the money? The answer is rhetorical. Right from the time of pools staking in the 1960s,and till now,pools staking and betting have been thriving,not because there were no legitimate  jobs then to do, but the mind-set to getting rich quickly.If we can rightly surmise, the percentage of those who have made huge  money from these games of chance ,it will be as low as 2%. Laziness and wrong association have been adduced as part  of the reasons for gambling. Teenagers enticed to gambling may start  picking pockets at bus stops  or Malls to get money  in order to satisfy the lust  for money to gamble and when not satisfied lured into armed robbery or other vices.


The alarming rate  at which gambling has penetrated  the youths extends  also to our schools especially  students in the boarding houses/hostels -whether in the universities or colleges. Sometimes,some adults that have been exposed to gambling in the cities introduce ”the business”  to the young and innocent ones and they start the ”gaming” thing as a play or trivial thing until they gravitate to a big- time gambling using  big money , material things and the like in order to prove to their colleagues or mates that they are ”big” or ”civilized”. At times during gambling,the other party may be cheated ; argument may lead to confrontation and blood spilling.They do all these even when they are supposed to be reading their books or resting  most especially in the night time.

If by the definition earlier quoted above ,that gambling is a scheme to escape labour,the victims are drones not ready to do hard and legitimate work before making money..They are” the covetous,foolish and over-ambitious ones. What do they spend the money gained on? Majorly, they spend the ”gains” from gambling or betting on frivolous escapades. They spend the ”gains” on parties, booze,prostitutes,illicit drugs and what have you. Some adults get back home to beat and nag their wives having lost all their stakes. They refuse to shoulder their domestic responsibilities. Some even go as far as selling their ‘prized’ properties to gamble whenever they are broke or out of cash,yet they refuse to quit this monstrous game . Those in schools on the other hand, are jittery and not  doing serious study.They skip lectures to gamble, make some money(if ‘lucky’) and end up in narcotic jungles. By this acts, some have gone insane and dropped out of schools.Many of them have been stabbed by co-gamblers and have lost their precious lives in the process.

Thomas Jefferson said”Gambling corrupts our dispositions,and teaches us the  habit of hostility against mankind”. The great statesman,Benjamin Franklin said in’ Poor Richard’s Almanac’ concerning gambling-”Keep flax from fire, youth from gambling”. All these postulations from these great  men and widely traveled and experienced  public figures should not be waved off as inconsequential. They are much concerned about the extent of damage gambling had done, is doing and would still be doing if not curtailed

1. Engage in Dignified Jobs-Youths can look for other menial jobs that will provide them with regular income on daily basis without  the permutation formula of the pools  staking and ”Baba Ijebu’s” creation. Youths should take their future seriously and disregard gambling as an alternative to escape labour.  Gambling should not be regarded as a legitimate profession.  Many people that took to  gambling in the past ended up in zero .They must believe that there is dignity in labour but not the cheap and undignified venture like gambling.


Parents should truly know their children’s intimate or casual friends,research into their backgrounds and be cautious of the money that flow into the hands of their teenagers. Teenagers should be taught  money management and living  within their means,no matter how meager it may be-contentment with Godliness is great gain.


The government  should not be complacent only on the gains from gambling operators that come in from taxation. She should  understand that the future of her youths is sine-qua-none to present and future developments. Of what use is a youth who supposed to be an inventor but abandons his highly prized ambition for gambling and eventually ends up in gaol or become a nuisance  and liability to the society? If possible,strict control, and close monitoring should be put in place to discourage children from going the way of gambling. Radio,TV jingles should make this a priority to discourage our youths from involving themselves in this wild games.The ministry of information,both at federal and state levels will help in this area. The National Orientation Agency should also be involved in the awareness campaigns.The newspapers and magazines  available should not relent in their efforts  to discouraging gambling in their write-ups.


Investigations revealed that casino  machines are built to favour the operators.That about 80-90% of the winning numbers go to the  patron and the chance  to win is very slim.Yet,the attraction to make money is very high.No wonder we find even some public figures involving in gambling! Of recent a video clip  on the internet revealed one Nigeria popular musician in a gambling mood. What an irony of life and bad example to the youths! Gambling encourages laziness and violates God’s commandments. The foundation and attraction to it is excessive love of money.


By conclusion, George Washington frequently quoted the French proverb”Gambling is the child of (greed),the brother of iniquity and the father of mischief”.  Youths and adults should shun gambling and use their God given talents to better their lot.



Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer and Cassandra Jardine have vital tips on being positive parents. The following are suggested panacea:


Show that you are in charge by setting rules and boundaries. Children should not be given adults responsibilities.

You have the benefit of past experience. Use it wisely to guide them.


Listen to their difficulties with non-judgmental ear. Appreciate that their problems,although they seem trivial to

you, can be very real to them. Help them work out solutions in a step-by-step way.


Show enthusiasm and celebrate their achievements, no matter how small and share their passion where you can.


Focus on efforts  rather than results. Although results are important, acknowledge efforts your child  has

made to improve or reach certain targets.



Boost their   self-belief and self confidence by reminding them that you are their  biggest fans,whatever they



Encourage them to pursue  their genuine ,legitimate and decent passion. When you don’t agree with them,you

only need to counsel them and show them the reason you don’t agree with them.



The 9th of October,2016 marked The World Post Day . In Osogbo, The State of Osun Capital,a mini but eventful ceremony organized by the management of NIPOST in the territory witnessed an interactive lecture delivered by the District Postal Manager, Mr. Oso Jayeola Olusola.

The theme of the paper delivered by Mr. Oso entitled-”SERVICING A NEW SOCIETY:DELIVERING BEYOND DOORSTEPS” was very educative and informative.

In his speech, Mr. Oso traced the advent of The Universal Postal Union(UPU) which was established on October 9th 1874 precisely 142 years ago  in Swiss Capital-Bern,allowing the Post to deliver to the world.

Information creates awareness. Apart from the traditional ways of postal delivery, Mr. Oso did not forget to bring to the fore some major NIPOST products and services such as :Postage Stamps,Stamp Duties,EMS and Parcel Post,Bulk Post,Haulage/Cargo, Philatelic Service, P.O. BOX and P.M.B. subscriptions, renewal Parcel Posts,Post Cash,Premises,Agency Service, Post Shop,sales of  Post Office ID CARD and Pick-up Services.


The District Postal Manager,NIPOST Osogbo in his speech, called for positive attitudinal change as a vital antidote to sustain NIPOST good services.Hear him,”What does a customer wants from NIPOST(workforce)? Trust,reliable,affordable services and satisfaction”.”When we deliver promptly to the addressee,we make customers happy, the delivery will turn to revenue, more patronage,increase in awareness of the service delivery,and this will make NIPOST remain in business”.

He ended his lecture by making a poser-that the Post must continuously transform and find new ways to go beyond delivering to customers doorsteps.


The difference between those who believe they will succeed(including nations)and those who do not believe in themselves is the awareness  and understanding of their attitudes. Some can control their attitudes while for others their attitudes control them. For positive change to take effect in any person or nation, the change  process must begin with the attitude put into use as a pivot to moving forward.We can meditate on the following if we truly believe that our attitudes can form part of our change process:

If ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ is equal to 12345678910 1112 1314 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 therefore :H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K=8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98%

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E= 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96%

L+O+V+E=12+15+22+5= 54%

L+U+C+K= 12+21+5+11=47%

All of the above  do not make a 100%….

What is it then,that makes 100%? Should we say Money?…. NO!, A Car or Good dressing-NO!

Every problem has a terminal date for its solution,only if we change our ”ATTITUDE”

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E therefore is:1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%

Are you convinced that you should change your attitude for a positive change? The ball is in your court.

By Akintunde Idowu



1’It  is the knowledge of the future that gives meaning to the present’-Anon.

2.’If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you somewhere’-Henry Kissinger.

3.’ Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression. There are no ‘Nigerians’ in the same sense as there are ‘English’, ‘Welsh,’ or ‘French’. The word  ‘Nigerian’ is merely a distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of  Nigeria and those who do not’- Obafemi Awolowo.

4.’Your relevance in life is tied to the  problems you solve’-Muyiwa Ajayi.

5.Nigeria is composed of different peoples,brought together by various accidents of history. This variety in the ‘ethnic’ composition of Nigeria’s population could have been  an asset, and no impediment to progress. But the ‘enemy’s strength lies also in dividing our ranks’-General I.K. Acheampong.

6.’Our Progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resources’-John F. Kennedy.

7.’The true test  of the American ideal is whether we are able to recognize our failings and then rise together to meet the challenges of our time..’-Barack Obama.

8.’Those of us placed in a position of leadership must be prepared to grasp the nettle if we unite in doing so,and if,in addition,we set a worthy example  and a marat on pace in probity, unselfishness,and self-sacrifice,the people will follow,all too readily, in our footsteps’-Obafemi Awolowo.

9.’True peace is not merely the an absence of tension . It is the presence of justice’-Martin Luther King ,Jr.

10.’Talent can stand you out but wrong choices  can sit you down’-Muyiwa Ajayi

11.’Where your strength lies is where your best will appear’-Anon

12.’It is a thousand times better to have common  sense without education than to have education without common sense’-Robert  G. Ingersoll.



Have you heard the statement”dress to impress”in our society today? Who are  you trying to impress and for what purpose? Should you just lump it or make concerted or deliberate effort to dress well? Remember,style is important but it’s not everything.

001 (1)It is becoming nauseating the way some people dress nowadays. It involves both the young and  adults as well. In an effort to’ belong’, crazy dressings seem to have  taken precedence over ‘normal’ and sensible dressings.

The reality is that whether we like it or not, more importance is attached to the way you look-be it at home,the supermarket, the office,Church or Mosque or social gatherings. The conventional dressings for an interview should not be the same for a ‘boogie down’ along the street.

The ‘casual ‘ we wear at home may be too strange to wear to the office or along the street.

Whatever situation we find ourselves, as teenagers,youths and adults, the decorum  is what we should follow not the ‘I want to belong’ type of dressings that may eventually reduce your integrity. We should also preserve our culture which craves for modesty and decency.



There is no doubt that education is the torch of civilization. It’s also the backbone of both the economic and social developments. No wonder why wise nations, including Nigeria, lay more emphasis on it. However, in Nigeria, it seems as if the education standard is going down steadily compared to the good old days. Why is this so?

In this exclusive interview with a seasoned educationist, he blares his mind on the issue roving in the minds of both literates and the illiterates as well- why education standard is falling? Dr. Anthony Adeola has been in the education sector for over a decade . He was once a sub- dean of  faculty in one of our first generation universities in Nigeria and at one time, a visiting lecturer in one of the universities in Southern Africa. Currently, he’s the director of studies in one of the sixth-form colleges in Nigeria:

Question- What can you say about education standard in Nigeria?

Answer- There is no doubt that the standard of education in Nigeria is on the downward trend. This can be seen in the high number of jobless graduates, even when vacant positions are advertised daily, as well as employers preferring graduates from other countries.

Question- Can strikes be prevented in our educational institutions?

Answer- Strikes in our educational institutions can be reduced or prevented if necessary provisions for students’ education are in place like in the developed countries.

Question-Do you think the government has done or is doing much in the education sector?

Answer- The government is doing its best, but this best is not enough. There is need to increase the budget on education as well as put the necessary standards in place.

Question-  W e have many private primary, secondary and tertiary institutions and public school now unlike the 70’s and 80’s, yet, opinion polls indicate fallen standard of education. Do you share this school of thought?

Answer- Yes, the standard of education is a function of what the students can do with the knowledge gained at the institutions and not the amount of knowledge the students are exposed to. It is either the regulatory bodies to ensure standards are not doing their jobs or they are incapacitated to deliver.

Question- A Youth Corp member posted to Ogun state, Nigeria, last year, had to teach with a Yoruba interpreter in order for the students to understand what was being taught as they could not understand basic English language, the language of instruction, according to a newspaper report. What is responsible for this ugly development?

Answer-Many factors can be responsible for the ugly development. First , the report did not not specify the level of students being referred to whether primary or secondary. If secondary, one of the factors can be from the home , as some parents may not have time to support their children in their educational endeavours. Another may also be weak foundation in English language from primary school level. In addition, the Youth Corper may not come from Yoruba speaking area and the pronunciation of some English words may not be familiar to the students.

Question-The use of internet can enhance better academic research among students. Do you think students are using this positively?

Answer- To some extent some students are using the internet positively while majority are using it negatively.

Question- The reading culture –why is it going down among the youths and adults in Nigeria?

Answer- The reading culture is going down among the youths and adults in Nigeria because they are no more finding value and joy in reading, the cultural paradigm has changed to materialism, wealth accumulation and riches.

Question- Chairman House Committee on education, Hon. Sulaiman Aminu, said sometimes in Abuja that ‘’the standard and quality of education has confirmed to be at low ebb because of inadequate libraries to support teaching”. D o you agree with him?

Answer- Yes, but not only inadequate libraries; there are also inadequate laboratories, books   and other infrastructures as well as inadequate qualified human resources.

Question- The 2014 release of WASCE results send cold shiver into the spine of parents with a 53% passes. What could be done to prevent future occurrence?

Answer- Prevention of future occurrence can be achieved by cooperation of the home, school, government , and the community at large. First, the home should give adequate support to the child in terms of putting necessary requirements for the good education of the child in place. School should also put all necessary and standard qualified human and material resources in place. Government must be in a position to give the necessary support to the school as well as put the necessary standards including active supervisory instrumentation in place.

Question- Is it true that women are better administrators in schools and governments than men looking at the likes of Prof. Alele Williams(former VC. UNIBEN), Margaret Thather, UK and the late Prof. Dora Akunyili(former NAFDAKC Boss)?

Answer – This is highly debatable as the number of highly successful women administrators are small compared to male administrators over the years.

Question- The first school for a child is the home. How has the home contributed to low ebb in education?

Answer- Majority of the home is not there for the child. The urges to acquire wealth and riches have been their major pre-occupation, thereby having little or no time to support the education of the child.

Question- What is the way forward?

Answer- We should review
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There is no other tomorrow but today.

I commend the efforts of this present government so far especially in the displacing and halting the ‘boko haram’ insurgency/militancy;more power to the elbow of our military.However, we want more progressive actions on the revamping of our battered economy. War on corruption which is epileptic should be aggressively pursued to make those found guilty scrape goats for others to know that it is no longer business as usual.All looted monies must be returned and converted to other infrastructural developments. The Giant of Dududuland will rise again but we must cave care.


The type of development that most of  us are familiar with is the training programme-it’s usually

away from the daily routine or job.However,nowadays, it is acknowledged that  expensive courses are not the only or even the best way of enabling people to learn. People can be empowered by development that occurs”on the job” than they would be going on courses.

The reason is that they will learn more quickly and effectively if what they are doing  is practical and immediately germane. Nonetheless, this is not to say that formal  training courses have no place in helping people to learn. You may decide that members of your team  need some conventional training to meet identified needs.

Developing people in the workplace  is useful  for the following reasons: is inexpensive , 2. easy to organize, can get involve yourself,4. it is flexible.

Experienced managers and Chief Executives of industries have found the following opportunities for development useful:

i getting people involved  in special projects,  ii Shadowing-allowing someone to follow an experienced worker  for a specified  period of time- (salesmen/marketers can make use of this),

iii. one-on-one-coaching, iv. in-house workshops, v. on-the job training by an  experienced worker-

sometimes called ‘sitting  by Nelle’, vi. delegating some of their own  tasks, vii. arranging for two people to swap jobs for a while, viii. seconding  people into  other departments,ix. suggesting that people read things- eg( technical manuals,journal articles, professional literatures, self study workbooks etc.),x. giving people the opportunity to do their line manager’s job when  he is on annual leave or sick leave, xi. asking individual member to take turns to chair team meetings,  organizing visits to other work areas- including customers and suppliers, xii-encouraging  and supporting team and individual work in the community,xiii organizing focus groups to find out what customers think-brainstorming

Depending on what you prefer,some of the above suggestions may be used but the method you  choose depends on the development need and the individual  involved.

To be continued–.

By J.A Idowu



”Nobody wants a limit to his power even a buffoon would like to convert his community to a state of buffoonery”

How did  you acquire that power or that wealth or that position which you are now flying, floating and drunkenly displaying  about? How did you use your power or wealth or position which you now think is self-made or hereditary that you get it into your brain that without you  things will come to a standstill? Isn’t power or wealth or position corrupting you?

Did you use your power or wealth or position judiciously and candidly or perniciously and treacherously?

Did you not use your power or wealth or position to suppress and to  oppress the less privileged and the downtrodden  masses?

Have you not turned the ”King of Kings” or the ” Lion of Judah” or the present-day  Hitler or Pharaoh in your new social top-coat? Have you not become drunk or mad  with that power or wealth or position of yours?

Has the power or position or wealth not gone into your head and working with  a tendency of suicidal depression?

Has that power or wealth or position not turned you claustrophobic or megalomaniac? Or you are working true to a saying that:”when destruction is  inevitable  the brain will stop working”?

”The worthiness of life is deep rooted  in sacrifice to mankind” If one dies in the process , he becomes a martyr of the people’s cause”, so wrote Late Abraham Lincoln of America to his  Press Secretary on the eve of his assassination. What an irony and a tragedy!

A ruler today can become  a ruled tomorrow. A  servant today can become a master tomorrow. A rich man today can become  a poor man tomorrow. ”No condition is permanent,” says old mammy wagon that plied the roads  of the defunct East Central State of Nigeria.  And alas that power or wealth or position is temporary!

But one thing is certain, man is an insatiable being. He will continue to be in need; to be unsatisfied; to aspire for more and higher things and this he will continue to do until he dies. It is only death that can satisfy Him. So after becoming or buying or   beating or stealing or building or owing whatever you desire, then death is the one you do not aspire for but which  is  certain and the inevitable next.

”There is need to shape the future by shaping today or else we shall be dragged down the long, dark, and shameful corridors of  time reserved  for those who possess power without compassion, might without  morality, education without conscience and strength without sight,” so put down Dr. Martin Luther King (Jr.); one of the first proponents of unbloody revolution in America.

Even the Christian Bible says;”thou cometh to the world with nothin’ and thou shall return with nothing”? Vanity upon vanity,all is vanity.” From man to transition; from transition to transfiguration; from transfiguration to re-incarnation then life begins  all over again, but the tragedy therein is that  a previous Head of State may come back a Houseboy. What a vindication of  a ‘no condition is permanent’ aphorism. Quel dommage(what a pity!) It is therefore worthwhile to say as once said by one British parliamentarian,”if  we do not end Churchill, Churchill would end us…….. we had better get rid of  him now before we forget the debt we owe him.” So Dear passers-by you should therefore tread softly,softly in whatever power, position or wealth you find yourself because, ”what today is tomorrow may not be,” so says the old Juju doctor who used to consult his Opele(oracle) every five days.Everything is  timed and time is everything.

Have a change of attitude and change of mind for better and for good today. For it should be now or never as tomorrow may be too late to cry when the head might have been off the shoulder. And even ,”a stitch in time,people say,saves nine”.

One Chinese proverb says,”God make no more giants but elevate the whole race”, and I say AMEN,while also saying”omnia bona bonis”(all things are good to be good) and YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION.

By-Comrade Lekan Aderibigbe