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It is believed that indigenous knowledge is at best perceived as an acceptable claim from communities but rarely considered as one of the main components of development.The diversity of participatory communication experiences has always been a sign of its healthy status. However, the linkages with development projects aimed at economic and social change have not always been successful. It looks like ,at the grassroots level,the need for communication has been deeply felt by the people who took action to make it possible,while at the planning and implementation level of donor and government driven projects there has been little consciousness about change.

Perhaps, the mind to change this trend, to make Christians relevant in the social, economic, political and religious strata in Nigeria made the AIMP came together as bird of a feather-agents of positive change, using the biblical principles as a guide in business and other aspects of life.

The month of May,2014 had witnessed another thought provoking and inspirational lecture by the APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE(AIMP) held at the Education Hub,1st Floor, East wing City Hall,Lagos, on Saturday, 17th May,2014.

Dr. Kole Akinboboye-Guest Speaker
Dr. Kole Akinboboye-Guest Speaker

1. Many factors, according to the speaker,are responsible for the drifting in education in the country.Youths are drifting seriously from the path of truth and chasing frivolous and mundane things. They are not seeking for the wisdom from the source of wisdom which is God . He said,’only God, the wisest could understand how he formed man and how the body work. So ,for somebody to acquire good knowledge , he needs the wisdom of God-James 1V5-6. God gave man a fraction of this wisdom and knowledge and also gave him the natural computer which is his brain.
2.LACADAISICAL ATTITUDE OF PARENTS-Dr.Akinboboye is of the opinion that parents are very vital in allowing good education for their children. That parents should teach their children from home:Ethics,moral instructions,principles of life and good cultural orientation practices before they move on to formal education and continue with them as they progress in schools.This will make these children to become Apostles in the Market Place later in life.But this is not always the case with some parents. Some parents are too busy to give good home training to their children because thy are escapee parents who look for simple way to abandon their children in pursuit of worldly ventures.Some allow them to do whatever they like (even when available)even when it does not conforms to the good moral standard or not in line with Godly principles.The mode of dressing by the youths today is much of a pornography in the street than the modest way of dressing.In-ability to open mouth to greet people they come across is another negative upbringing of the youths ,forgetting that youths can be rightly connected with the right people by the simple formation of the etiquette of greetings that can provoke good rapport.
THE SOCIETY- The Society has contributed much to the downward rend in positive change development. The traditional African society believes that you alone cannot ‘train’ your children. That,it is you and the society that own the children. So, you can even correct those who are not your biological children for their good and the nation at large. But some parents detest their children or ward being corrected. Watching filthy movies and reading despicable or erotic novels are some of the vices that are beclouding the positive change the nation much desired.
SCHOOLS-There is also a slide in the quality of education in schools. The reasons attributed to this, according to Dr. Akinboboye was mediocrity and lack of good on -on-the job-training for teachers, teachers conniving with students to cheat in examinations right from the elementary school,to secondary and tertiary institutions. He also attributed poor dieting, poor sleep, watching of movie at random,pornography, violence, drug abuse, cultism and bull dressing as the bane in our educational system. Lack of sporting activities and examination malpractices was also mentioned.
THE NATION-THE GOVERNMENT-Moral decadence in our society has affected the nation. The consultant in Family Medicine, Dr.Akinboboye, said, that”it is only Godly values that can build a strong nation”-2nd Peter1V3,Gal.5v22. A nation should invest in her human capital quotient. This is something higher than intellectual property. He made reference to Moses, Joseph, David Daniel and many other bible characters that went through different universities of life right from their parents home , in strange lands etc before they could affect their generations positively and cited by God Himself.The nation is drifting from God’s EXPECTATIONS FROM US hence, the mumbo-jumbo and topsy-turvy social,economic,religious and political imbroglio we are witnessing now. The Speaker , Dr. Akinboboye concluded his lecture by making the audience realize

Dr. Kole Akinboboye-Guest Speaker

that going back to the basics is one of the panacea to resuscitate a positive change in our educational , economic,social, religious and political sectors.The long abandoned technical colleges should be brought back,civics, history,and the like should be re-introduced in schools right from the elementary school because many of our youths don’t know the history of their nation.
Furthermore,peer role models should be introduced in schools whereby, the relatively sound ones should be more groomed to disciples the weak ones to affect their lives positively and this will continue in a circle to eventually bring our desired positive change in the educational and other sector of the economy.
PRAYERS-He also reminded the participants of the efficacy of prayers. We should take prayers seriously. Pray for the youths,nation, ,economy, our leaders, and believe a better turn around.
Finally, parental values, according to him, is vital. Parents should set good examples for their children. They should be close to their children and give them better attention. All these added together, will produce Godly values and a strong Nation.


The Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission,DESOPADEC saddled with the responsibility of developing the oil and gas producing communities of the state has organised a two-day training workshop for the Ughelli North and Ethiope East Local Government Areas.

The workshop tagged”COMPUTER APPRECIATION AND ADULTS EDUCATION”was for for Oil and Gas Communities of Ughelli North and Ethiope East Local Government Areas.

One of the members representing the Ughelli North and Ethiope East Local Government Areas in the Board of DESOPADEC,Chief Chris Obiuwevwi Ominimini said the commission adopted top-bottom-top approach to meet the demands of the oil and gas bearing communities of the state.


IMG_6688The art of beading has been in existence since time immemorial. Children, adults and even the aged use beads for fashion.

Just as styles and fashion come and rest,beads for sometime was out of circulation only to be found among the aged. However,the 21st Century fashion conscious people have resuscitated this valuable,durable and socially and culturally universally acknowledged form of art.

Beading is pleasurable, indeed , a very potent leisure activity that can aid Children’s development in many dimensions as elucidated below:

100_6402ENTHUSES THINKING SKILLS-Anyone who engages in the art of beading will have to count his cost  in terms of of materials to use either for a necklace,wrist band or bracelet.He has to think  of the number of hours to make either a necklace or wrist band. How many of  these bead pieces she will put together to produce what he or she wants.He thinks further the type of pattern to employ and so on.All these require deep thoughts and good calculations that will help such child in this situation,thereby developing  deep thinking ability to solve immediate academic problems.

STRENGTHTENS SMALLER MUSCLES-Holding the thread and threading the bead, cutting the thread to size and other simple but vital aspect of it assist in strengthning  smaller  muscles of children making beads.

IMG_6685HELPS GOOD ORGANIZATION-Planning ahead is key to good organization. Beading helps children to be organized as he or she looks forward to making available every tool  of the trade-plier, needle,sock etc. The one that is not available is sought for with zeal -thus children take their assignments with all seriousness.

IMPROVES  DRESSING SKILLS/STYLES-Beading  also helps children’s(and adults as well) dressing skills/styles- Clothing, buttons and zippers are used to adorn  whatever material that is used just to make it beautiful.

GOOD SENSE OF JUDGEMENT/DRESS SENSE: Colour combinations require deep thinking and matching of  assorted colours before the final selection and production  is enhanced. Even professionals in this area ascribe fine motor, visual perception and cognitive skills as some of the vital advantages of beading.

IMG_6680COOPERATIVE ACTS ENHANCED-Socially, beading promotes inter-personal interaction and cooperation among children.  Children select beads and make sure  the task at hand  or projects are  carried out  on time in a group setting. Where two or three people are involved in a project, tolerance must be adopted to see the project through.

In a nutshell, use of beads of various magnitude have come to stay. Many of the advanced countries of the world are involved in this lucrative  and decorative art either for economic purposes or personal uses. Countries such as  Hungary, U.K, USA, Australia,India etc use beads as costumes. African countries are not left behind:Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa etc  just to mention a few.They use beads as occasion demands. Girls wear earrings laced with beads,  wrist bands, necklace etc.The natural outlook of the user, makes beading and beads  interesting and cherished  work of arts and you can be a maker of beads yourself. You too can be involved. Give it a trial.