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There, are some places of work that employees want to stay as long as they are comfortable and progressing irrespective of  pay packets. Also, there are many workplaces that no sooner workers are employed than they long for how to opt out.

Below are 10 tips of what can create a workplace that people want to leave not minding even the huge pay packets:

  1. Leave people out of the loop and never involve them in decisions or problem -solving.
  2. Dump solutions on them without context or background.
  3.  Always say  and demonstrate that your people are children, lazy  or criminals and thank God that you are there to stop them from stealing the rug…..
  4.  Discourage flexibility of approach and tell people what to do and how.
  5. Fail to match work to competence and give people the wrong job.
  6. Talk rudely and derogatively to your employees in public  in the name of correction.
  7. When you play selective justice or favouritism , divide and rule among staff.
  8. The welfare of your staff is not always taken into consideration but only to work and everything centres on yourself and your family.
  9. When you always threaten your staff to resign at the slightest mistakes or provocation.
  10. When as the boss, you break rules at will without recourse to policy but blames others for it.


Valentine Day is a unique day that is celebrated on February 14th. People in the United States, Canada, Australia and most European countries celebrate Val’s Day.

In Nigeria and other African countries, Valentine day has also been embraced and celebrated with pomp and pageantry.

Many people send greeting cards called Valentine’s to sweethearts,friends and family members. Some people send flowers or Candy to their wives,husbands,friends or sweethearts. Many Valentine candy boxes are heart shaped and adorned with red ribbon.

I recall with nostalgic how Valentine Day was celebrated during my secondary school days in the early60s-70s. Some days before February 14th,wrapped papers with the inscriptions of names of all students and staff would be passed round the school for all to pick a name. The name of the one you picked became your Valentine. On the Val Day itself,everybody would sit in a circumference on the school’s pitch or playground as the chief organizer opened the show ,mentioned his own name and requested to know his Valentine. His Valentine would emerge and they would exchange gifts or handshake. And this would go round until everybody was able to know and met with his or her Valentine. It was all fun lazed with light refreshment and we all looked forward to the D.DAY.

No one knows for sure how Valentine’s Day started. The idea of sending greetings on Valentine’s Day goes back more than a hundred years ago. Some people think this idea may have come from from events  in the life of saint Valentine, a Christian Saint.

One story says that Valentine was a friend of many children. The Romans put him in prison because he believed in Jesus Christ and would not pray to Roman gods. The children missed Valentine and tossed loving notes to him through the windows of his jail cell.This story may explain why people send messages on Valentine Day.

Valentine cards were first sold in the early 18000’s. Many of them were blank inside, leaving a space for the sender to write a message.

Kate Greenaway, a British artist, became famous for her Valentine’s in the late 1800’s. Many of her cards had pictures of happy children and lovely gardens.Valentine’s include both humorous and romantic cards. Special ones are printed for sweethearts and for husbands,wives and relatives.

In Nigeria today,Val Day had been adopted and taken seriously. Lovers meet on February 14th every year to” show their love” for one another. Cinema houses, Malls are visited. They hold hands ,go for shopping and end up in one another arms. Some may be lucky to meet new friends  on Val’s day. Many of the Val’s cards they give read”BE MY VALENTINE”

As you mark this year Valentine Day on February 14 ,remember to show love to your friends and neighbours. Beware  of lust and don’t borrow  unnecessarily to celebrate Valentine day-It is just a day.Husbands,wives,you are to show love and care always to your spouse and not just on February 14 alone. May the brotherly and sisterly love continue. Remember and love your country Nigeria too by doing the right thing to change it for better.

Happy Valentine Day.

By-Akintunde Idowu

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The difference between those who believe they will succeed(including nations)and those who do not believe in themselves is the awareness  and understanding of their attitudes. Some can control their attitudes while for others their attitudes control them. For positive change to take effect in any person or nation, the change  process must begin with the attitude put into use as a pivot to moving forward.We can meditate on the following if we truly believe that our attitudes can form part of our change process:

If ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ is equal to 12345678910 1112 1314 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 therefore :H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K=8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11=98%

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E= 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5=96%

L+O+V+E=12+15+22+5= 54%

L+U+C+K= 12+21+5+11=47%

All of the above  do not make a 100%….

What is it then,that makes 100%? Should we say Money?…. NO!, A Car or Good dressing-NO!

Every problem has a terminal date for its solution,only if we change our ”ATTITUDE”

A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E therefore is:1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%

Are you convinced that you should change your attitude for a positive change? The ball is in your court.

By Akintunde Idowu


Do we need this so called Voter's Card?

It was just another chill evening in the lekki neighborhood, weather was so cool that if i don’t go out and have a beer; the gods will be angry. So after little contemplation, i decided to visit one of the lekki’s public beach. For a while i felt it was a very bad idea, the Elegushi beach was so crowded, and i coudn’t find a spot to clear my head. As the gods would have it, my paths crossed with a “SK” dealer; well don’t blame me, I am not an addict, i just needed to clear my head… to be in my zone… a planet of my own.

After quick deal took place, i found my sitting on the sands, looking onto the ocean. Few minutes later; i finally arrived on my planet… my zone… my head was finally cleared. I felt like the smartest person on the planet (after all is my planet). Alot of thoughts, ideas, solutions, tips and advices came flooding into my head; yea you did be amazed (after all when you clear our head, you have spaces to fill in thoughts, ideas, etc..)

NIMC-Card-front-and-backIt was during this period of reasoning that News about Nigeria Voter’s card came to me, it got me thinking; why is the Nigeria government spending billions of naira to print over 40 million voters card that is needed and valid for just voting. Do we need this voter’s card? One of the objectives of the voter’s card is to identify the voter, thus the voter can be checked easily by the presiding officer during an election.
I agree it makes sense alright, but sounds kind of stupid and unneccessarily when a new National Identity card is been introduced.

We do not need the voters card, the government should have easily have an ICT company develop a voting system that can work with the identity card, instead of printing 40 million voters card, they can develop a voting system integrated into the national identity management database. The system can identify the voter, and also perform “one person” “one vote” for a free and fair election.

We need intelligent Nigerians like me in the government, If our leaders can not be innovative like me, they should probably legalize “SK” and take an occassional walk to the beach to clear their heads.



Reproduced below, is an unedited story culled from ‘The Pupil’ magazine of the late70’s

We brought this to  the reading public to buttress the fact that the subject of corruption has not only widened its scope in our society but seems to have defied meaningful panacea despite constant shouts and write ups by  patriotic citizens of this country and even beyond. We need a change for a better Nigeria.

This article is  germane  , now that the country , Nigeria is getting ready for another round of elections in 2015. We need to reframe our minds to play the game right and everybody should be involved in transforming this nation to a better one devoid of greed and avarice.

‘Corruption’   is a household word in Nigerian Society these days. Everyone talks about it in a detached and disinterested way. Everybody accuses others of corruption. Yet nobody owns it, or accepts responsibility for it.



Mrs. Ezekwesili, a former Minister of Solid Minerals and of Education, delivered this keynote paper  at the  42nd convocation of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Thursday, 24th 2013.

Culled from


I am hugely delighted to return to my alma mater the great and only University of Nigeria to speak at your 42nd convocation. Twenty eight years ago I sat just like you those of you who are part of the graduating Class of 2013; excited by my graduation. It was 1985 and I was very privileged to be one of the then only 3% of our own youthful population that had the opportunity of a university education.