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Have you heard the statement”dress to impress”in our society today? Who are  you trying to impress and for what purpose? Should you just lump it or make concerted or deliberate effort to dress well? Remember,style is important but it’s not everything.

001 (1)It is becoming nauseating the way some people dress nowadays. It involves both the young and  adults as well. In an effort to’ belong’, crazy dressings seem to have  taken precedence over ‘normal’ and sensible dressings.

The reality is that whether we like it or not, more importance is attached to the way you look-be it at home,the supermarket, the office,Church or Mosque or social gatherings. The conventional dressings for an interview should not be the same for a ‘boogie down’ along the street.

The ‘casual ‘ we wear at home may be too strange to wear to the office or along the street.

Whatever situation we find ourselves, as teenagers,youths and adults, the decorum  is what we should follow not the ‘I want to belong’ type of dressings that may eventually reduce your integrity. We should also preserve our culture which craves for modesty and decency.

Do we need this so called Voter's Card?

It was just another chill evening in the lekki neighborhood, weather was so cool that if i don’t go out and have a beer; the gods will be angry. So after little contemplation, i decided to visit one of the lekki’s public beach. For a while i felt it was a very bad idea, the Elegushi beach was so crowded, and i coudn’t find a spot to clear my head. As the gods would have it, my paths crossed with a “SK” dealer; well don’t blame me, I am not an addict, i just needed to clear my head… to be in my zone… a planet of my own.

After quick deal took place, i found my sitting on the sands, looking onto the ocean. Few minutes later; i finally arrived on my planet… my zone… my head was finally cleared. I felt like the smartest person on the planet (after all is my planet). Alot of thoughts, ideas, solutions, tips and advices came flooding into my head; yea you did be amazed (after all when you clear our head, you have spaces to fill in thoughts, ideas, etc..)

NIMC-Card-front-and-backIt was during this period of reasoning that News about Nigeria Voter’s card came to me, it got me thinking; why is the Nigeria government spending billions of naira to print over 40 million voters card that is needed and valid for just voting. Do we need this voter’s card? One of the objectives of the voter’s card is to identify the voter, thus the voter can be checked easily by the presiding officer during an election.
I agree it makes sense alright, but sounds kind of stupid and unneccessarily when a new National Identity card is been introduced.

We do not need the voters card, the government should have easily have an ICT company develop a voting system that can work with the identity card, instead of printing 40 million voters card, they can develop a voting system integrated into the national identity management database. The system can identify the voter, and also perform “one person” “one vote” for a free and fair election.

We need intelligent Nigerians like me in the government, If our leaders can not be innovative like me, they should probably legalize “SK” and take an occassional walk to the beach to clear their heads.


Africa is Iridescent Rainbow-Obioma Liyel –Imoke

The initiator of the Carnival, Calabar Queen,the annual Calabar Festival, the wife of the Governor of Cross River State, Mrs Obioma Liyel-Imoke has scored Africa  high in the sphere of beauty and culture. This was revealed in a release signed by Mr. Kammonke Abam, the Director of Media, office of the First Lady,Mrs Liyel-Imoke . According to the First Lady,’’Africa has positive beauty. It is the richest and one of the most colourful continents. In fact, it God’s expression of splendor’’

Mrs Liyel-Imoke  who co-chaired at the Grand Finale  of Miss USA  Africa in Baltimore, Maryland,USA eulogised Africa as a rainbow. ‘’That is why all of us whose roots are traced to this great continent need to be very proud  of our hallowed ancestry,’’ she echoed.

‘’Iam  and will always be proud of Africa. For many of us , we have only one continent and that is Africa.

The Governor’s wife praised the organizers of the pageant for taking beauty’’ beyond ephemeral display of fleshly and curvy endowments to a deep soul searching, cultural affinity and self discovery project.’’


Reproduced below, is an unedited story culled from ‘The Pupil’ magazine of the late70’s

We brought this to  the reading public to buttress the fact that the subject of corruption has not only widened its scope in our society but seems to have defied meaningful panacea despite constant shouts and write ups by  patriotic citizens of this country and even beyond. We need a change for a better Nigeria.

This article is  germane  , now that the country , Nigeria is getting ready for another round of elections in 2015. We need to reframe our minds to play the game right and everybody should be involved in transforming this nation to a better one devoid of greed and avarice.

‘Corruption’   is a household word in Nigerian Society these days. Everyone talks about it in a detached and disinterested way. Everybody accuses others of corruption. Yet nobody owns it, or accepts responsibility for it.


Good Parenting-Viable tool to an Orderly and Peaceful Society

The Executive Governor of Lagos State of recent has recommended good parenting and upright family units as the most viable means to achieve an orderly and peaceful society devoid of violence and other vices.

The Governor, after attending the 5th Alhaji Kafaru Oluwole Tinubu Memorial Ramadan Lecture in Ikeja, Lagos State, responded to questions from journalists. He’s of the opinion that parenting and family management would always produce good citizens who constitute nations, states and government.

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Making yourself available for growth is a pre-requisite for development. Everybody is talented and your talent(s) lie(s) within you but will remain dormant   , or unutilized if you are sleeping while others at the driving seats are adjusting their seat belts but if you are incorrigible, you may be abandoned just like that.

The efforts of the’’ Brainhive International’’ in conjunction with Masterpiece Resource Development Centre, Lagos paid off when they brought one of the best brains in medicine in America and the world in general, Dr. Ben Carson to Nigeria for the first time. I was among other people present to grace the wonder God could perform in the life of a man destined for success and who played his own part well too. The theme of the Brain Fair was’’ UNLEASH YOUR GENIUS’’.



Madam Precious Olubunmi AgbabiakaMadam  Precious Olubunmi Agbabiaka, the CEO of the Infinity Oil &GasLtd,Lagos, Nigeria is a woman of many parts. A woman of indefatigable industry who left the shores of this country, Nigeria over 30 years ago for the USA to join her heartthrob ,late Engineer Agbabiaka.

Popularly known as Lady P. The ebony black woman, is a woman with a passion. Passion for the youths, the homeless and passion for her  first  love , Nigeria with her rich culture and tradition.

In this exclusive interview with ‘The Interviews’, you will journey along with her  on her co-incidental discovery of the Oyotunji Village ,inhabited by the Yoruba descendants of the old –time slaves ,in South Carolina,USA. Her philanthropic and charity  works , coupled with her humility, unassuming ,sagacity and doggedness in  making her dreams come  through without being perturbed , makes her to be regarded as a cosmopolitan woman of repute. She is currently the Yeyeoba(king’s mother) of Oyotunji Village in South Carolina ,USA. Excerpts:


"Bedspring" Educates Teenage Girls on sex education

Bedspring Children and Youth Development Foundation, of recent, organized a seminar tagged Community Youth Empowerment and Development(C-YED) in Ijegun and six other neighbouring  communities under the Alimosho Local Government Council, lagos state.

The group advised teenage girls to flee  from pre-marital sex to prevent  unwanted pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases (STDS).Emphasis was placed

on reduction of female teenage mothers.

Also , the youths were enlightened on their reproductive  health, sexually transmitted infections and Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome(HIV/AIDS)

Mrs Aramide Oikelome , President of the group, said, the organization would also empower the youths by counselling and providing them with required information on the adolescent stage of life. She said , the programme was  organized to reduce teenage pregnancy and educate them on sex education. According  to Mrs  Aramide Oikelome,the programme would be continuous on adolescent reproductive age.


By simple explanation, self worth or self esteem is  an overall measure of how  much we value ourselves and and give priority to our own needs and happiness. Our self worth is a measure of our unconditional self love. It is the ability to look upon yourself as having value.

The two main attributes of self worth are security and Significance. Security means, in this context, being loved and accepted just for who you are, regardless of what you do. Significance on the other hand, is having meaning or purpose in life and being adequate for what to do. But low self worth could emerge from false-culture, our upbringing, educational background or system, society and social settings, colour , race, religious background etc

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