Beeyolah is a professional banker with a passion for kids with innate ability to excel in any God given talents especially in the area of music and other forms of arts. And so it was all praises by the audience at the 7thMusical concert held at the Muson Centre, Onikan, in Lagos.


All contestants (mainly youths) were at the venue on time and without mincing words, these kids are highly talented. Watching them performing live, like adults will make anybody conclude that God really deposited much into their lives.

Teniola, 8 years old girl plays the piano with much gusto. She sings sonorously and the audience watching could not help but shed tears of joy and praises to God for given Nigeria such a wonderful gift as Teniola.

If Teniola is unique, “Tobi Sax” (stage name) is a wizard on her saxophone. She plays saxophone with much flexibility and dexterity very uncommon with youths of her age category.

Finally, to the consternation of everyone, the youngest of them all “BOSCO”, thrilled the audience with his “swaga” dance steps. It was really fantastic.

Ozzy Bosco was awrded the best entertainer. The first runner up was clinched by Samuel while Oonish Rastogi- the doyen of Indian culture was 2nd runner up. Tobi “sax” made the day as the overall winner.

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